In the video below you can see why ARTOGIS a/s is a part of the HEPWAT project:


ARTOGIS a/s is an entrepreneurial IT company, housed in a unique company domicile: a historic proprietor's farm in the village of Eltang a little way outside Kolding (in Jutland, western Denmark).
Our IT platform and its solutions are used by a wide range of customers. 

Why do we participate in the HEPWAT project?
By 2016, we completed a strategic technology shift into a brand-new GIS platform, which we developed with a base in globally widely used open source technologies in recent generations.

This platform now gains additional strategic weight through integration and expansion with leading open source technologies within the Internet-of-Things (IoT), Big Data and Analytics fields.
This development work is carried out in the MUDP-supported lighthouse project HEPWAT, and we will thus be able to display the first results at Assens Utility Company.

When the significantly upgraded platform is ready by 2018, features and tools within the new technology fields: IoT, Big Data and Analytics will make it possible to configure advanced IT solutions.
The solutions may, e.g., be used for gathering (big) data for real-time and proactive monitoring of a number of environmental and climate challenges, for example carbon footprint, laughing gas, hydrogen sulfide, water loss, unwanted water, unwanted overflow, pollution, energy consumption and production, pumping stations’ operation state.

To accelerate the deployment and use of the new platform, we enter into partnerships with both innovative customers and commercial players.

The customers contribute with ideas and their business as a test and demonstration site, while they benefit from the platform in the operation and development of their business.

The commercial actors act as implementation and development partners on the platform. They constitute a strong network for the benefit of the customers, as this network for companies and specialists gives us access to knowledge and resources within a very wide range of IT fields and components (sensors, measuring equipment, machine components, etc.).
Overall, we are thus able to accomplish even very big tasks and meet extremely complex technology challenges.

From ARTOGIS a/s, we provide competent consultancy in a number of areas, including: training, architecture design, application development, system and data integration, support / operating assistance, hosting, general operating assistance, etc.
The services are based primarily on open source technologies, related to the GIS, Internet-of-Things, Big Data and Analytics / Business Intelligence technology fields.
However, we also service Esri and Microsoft platforms.

In user-driven innovation projects, the new solutions are released on a full open source basis.
The foundation of open source technologies as well as our business model provide excellent conditions for spreading the new platform across businesses, borders and continents.

Thus, we create far greater freedom for an ever-growing circle of customers, more flexibility and the basis for a community and co-creation.

About ARTOGIS a/s:
We work especially for Danish utilities, with special focus on drinking water, waste water and heating, but are also active in Danish municipalities, traffic companies, ports, etc.

The solutions create value for our customers in a wide range of areas, including: Active registration, asset management, design, operation and maintenance, customer service, etc.

Historically, our core competence is Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and the development of high-quality flexible IT platforms. The flexibility of the platform administrator tools makes it very cost effective and user-friendly to configure new IT solutions.


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