Assens Forsyning

In the video below you can see why Assens Forsyning is a part of the HEPWAT project:


Assens Forsyning A / S is a company that carries out the tasks of the municipality of Assen in the water, wastewater and waste areas.
Why do we participate in the HEPWAT project?
As part of a long-term strategy in the municipality of Assens on a greener profile, Assens Utility Company has been granted a license
to build new waterworks, a biogas plant and a new wastewater treatment plant to replace 8 existing ones. Experiments are being carried
out at the purification plant in Gummerup with new methods for purification and control. The new solutions that are being developed
must be transferred to the new plant, thus born as a state-of-the-art plant that will attract interest from around the world.
The catchment area of the new waste water treatment plant delivers domestic waste water and different industrial waste water:
slaughterhouse, dairy and brewery waste water, furthermore waste water from chocolate production, protein powder production,
spices, cheese, etc.
As the old plants will tie up with the new centralization pipeline, there will be a variety of wastewater from the individual wastewater
treatment plants at very varying intervals and quantities. This can be controlled according to different parameters:
- Optimal production of energy
- Minimum throughput time
- Optimum cleaning and improved external environment
- Minimal addition of chemicals
- Minimal energy consumption in the processes
- Maximum use of renewable energy
- Optimized lifespan
- Minimizing genes and crashes
- Improved economy in wastewater production industry (no pre-cleaning)
- Possibility of better interaction with other environmental measures in Assens, in Funen and Denmark
About Assens Forsyning:
The mission is to ensure the supply of clean drinking water, to ensure drainage and sewage treatment, as well as to ensure
recycling and disposal of waste.
Our vision is to do better than expected!
We want to be an open dialogue-seeking company that focuses on being at the forefront with focus on cost-effectiveness,
energy and utilization of raw materials, as well as ensuring high professional competence and global visibility.
Assens Forsyning A/S is formed as a group consisting of six companies, which all are 100& owned by Assens Kommune (Assens Municipality).

Find out more about Assens Forsyning her (in Danish).


HEPWAT Project Manager 
Engineer Jan Eilsø Nielsen.
Tlf. 23317184

Other key figures are:

Birger Strandby Ernst

Michael Dissing Nielsen
Operations- and projekt manager

Ove Bærentsen
Head of the treatment plants

Anders Bang

Hans Christian Andersen
Operating staff

Lars Juul Andersen
IT consultant