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In the video below you can see why DTU is a part of the HEPWAT project:


Why do we participate in the HEPWAT project?
We are in HEPWAT to test and demonstrate solutions to two of the major issues in wastewater treatment - nitrous oxide emissions and bioactive micro pollutants.

Our ideas for improvement are based on two previous projects, LaGas (Diagnostics, monitoring and mitigation of N2O emissions from wastewater treatment operations: Towards climate compatible technology) and Mermiss (Environmentally Effective Purification of High Potency Drugs in Hospital Waste Water).
It is of great interest that we can test our solutions in a large pilot plant, as a final step before full-scale.


About DTU Environment:
DTU Environment is one of the largest university institutes in Europe focusing on the development of new environmentally friendly and sustainable technologies.
DTU Environment researches and teaches environmental technology with emphasis on water, resources and chemistry. Main topics in the Institute's research are hydrology, groundwater, water supply, wastewater treatment, recycling, bio energy, environmental chemistry and risk assessment.
The institute is internationally recognized and its unique competencies are sought by authorities, industry and other research institutions.



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