In the video below you can see why Kruger is a part of the HEPWAT project:

Krüger A/S is an internationally oriented environmental company that specializes in sustainable water treatment. We work closely with our customers to help conserve, develop and recover resources that are essential to human life and health. Many of our solutions are patented technologies developed in close cooperation with utility companies and universities.
Why do we participate in the HEPWAT project?
Krüger is involved in the HEPWAT project because we have an ambition and a strategy with focus on continuous development of our products and knowledge.
We have defined which paths we would like to pursue in terms of innovation.
Therefore, we have chosen to work with Assens Forsyning, who had a concrete need to develop new treatment technologies for its wastewater treatment plants.
Such a development cooperation with a client allows us to develop and test our technologies.
At the same time, we gather additional technological knowledge which we may later commercialize and sell on to other Danish and international utility companies and industries. 
We contribute with our highly qualified specialists within sewerage engineering, wastewater treatment and online control of sewer systems and treatment plants.
It is of great importance to Denmark that it is possible to have big development projects such as the HEPWAT project where it is demonstrated that we can go further than current environmental regulations.
In this way it is possible to invent new technologies that can help removing environmentally harmful substances from the wastewater as is the case with the cooperation with Assens Utility Company. 
This will benefit both the environment and the consumers.

About Krüger:
Krüger was founded in 1903 and has ever since supplied technologies, plants and, not least, knowledge about treatment of all types of water.
Today, we have a total of 450 employees who focus on supplying technical solutions adapted to the customer’s need.
We supply holistic and sustainable solutions within water and wastewater for industries and public authorities.
We work as consultant, contractor as well as supplier of equipment, services & solutions within drinking water, process water, municipal and industrial wastewater, sludge, sewerage, soil and groundwater as well as control and monitoring of water treatment plants.

Krüger is a part of the global environmental group Veolia and we often cooperate on international projects, when Krüger’s core competencies are requested by sister companies throughout the world. 
Veolia has more than 175,000 employees worldwide.




Theis Gadegaard
Market & Innovation Manager
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